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"There were . . . a group of ancient and cobwebby bottles" -- Dr. Watson (NOBL).

Holmes and Watson had an excellent variety of spirits at their disposal, most of which were kept in their spirit case. Not only did Dr. Watson have brandy on hand in case of medical emergencies (agitation, shock or otherwise) (WIST, PRIO, ENGI, NAVA, HOUN ), but there was a good amount of whiskey for their preferred drinks: Whiskey & Water or Whiskey & Soda. The latter was prepared using a gasogene located in the sitting room (STUD, REDH).

English Gasogene


Gasogene (MAZA, SCAN )

The gasogene (or seltzogene) produced carbonated water for drinks. It had two linked glass globes covered by a wire mesh (because they sometimes exploded) which contained water, tartaric acid and sodium bicarbonate. The device allowed these to be mixed when dispensed.

A Spirit Case (or Tantalus) (SCAN)

Victorian Tantalus

A Montrachet Wine
  Wine, of any kind, was also a perennial favorite at 221B (SHOS). From "something a little choice in white wines" (SIGN) such as Montrachet (some of the world's best Chardonnay from the Montrachet region in France) to a variety of reds, 221B often stocked up on excellent wines. Reds included claret (CARD, DYIN) and port, a sweet after dinner wine (GLOR, SIGN, CREE).
Holmes and Watson also partook of "Imperial Tokay" in LAST. Imperial Tokay is a sweet white wine from the Tokaj wine region, about 125 miles east of Budapest, Hungary. Imperial Tokay was originally made in the Imperial Austro-Hungarian cellars (thus its "imperial" name).  

Tokaji (A Tokay Wine)

Cote de Beune Wine
  Watson, on occasion, has been known to partake in Beaune Burgundy wine (made in the French region of Bourgogne) with lunch (SIGN).

When all else failed, they did not hesitate to take a little beer now and then, as proved at the Alpha Inn's Private Bar in BLUE. In SCAN, Holmes took payment for his service as a groom in half-and-half (half ale / half porter or other bitter beer).

Non alcoholic drinks included tea (SIGN, ABBE, GREE), coffee (SIXN, BLAC, HOUN, SCAN, BERY, NAVA), and cocoa (PRIO), usually delivered by Mrs. Hudson or the maid (while Mrs. Hudson still employed the maid). Watson does not mention what type of tea he or the famous detective drink, but for the more nostalgic among us, St. James manufactures a "Sherlock Holmes London Tea."

St. James Sherlock Holmes London Tea

And, of course, when on the road, Holmes could put any of these drinks in his flask (NAVA).

Victorian era Flask


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